Monday, November 17, 2008

Thanks Midwest

Man, I just got back from the Midwest Corridor Tour with Kanser and DJ Fundo. I had a lot fun, spent hours in hotel hallways and lobbys. Froze outside 13 McDonalds, held many hands, nodded about 15,789 times, cried on stage, messed up about 17 times total....and many other events where hosted. I'm glad I'm back. Home is where the heart is. The road is and always will be another world. A world to visit and leave. You can't stay there. If you do, and it beckons you, you will loose the very thing you've fought all along. Your soul will be weaker and the drugs will get stronger.

Ahhh northridge. Anyway. I'm back and I'll DJin tonight in Little Tokyo at midnight. Info is on my myspace page...come on out if you have a free night....peace my brothers and sisters....and thanks to all those who came out to the shows. Osh Kosh, Madison, Lincoln, Lawrence, Minneapolis, Milwaukee (my fav) and Columbia....and many others....peace!

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