Friday, September 19, 2008

Kids On Drugs!

Working on a new Rootbeer song called "Kids On Drugs" today in Northidge, CA. Flynn Adam's Ford is in the shop today. Had to pick him off of Roscoe to get this thing started. We're having a blast recording this album. It should be coming out March 09. But you can get a peek of Flynn Adam's solo work October 15th. His single "Such a Time As This" comes out on Gotee/Warner. You won't wanna miss it, its a great tune. He also shot a cool video that will be out the same time.

We're doing a PJ show Oct 8th in Hermosa Beach, CA at The Shore. Flynn Adam will be opening. You can hear the song live there, so come on out. Its a beautiful day today and its hard to work. Very distracting, but will get it done. Gotta go drive Flynn to the Ford dealer to pick up his car know....he better remeber this when he get his first Audi....better pick me up!!!!! See you later skater....

Monday, September 15, 2008

Reno Recap w/ Peter Daily

After a very long drive we arrived in LA at around 11 pm. We had a great time at our show in Reno. The day in Reno started by checking into our hotel. We were so happy to get in our room, take our shirts off & watch "My Cousin Vinny"(man, Marissa Tomei is beautiful). So the rest was well deserved (& appreciated).

Dinner followed our load in at the venue then it was back to the hotel to hang out until showtime.
Overall, our trip was great. It was nice that our homey Mike (from Chicago) could come out with us. We even got to meet up with our old pal Remy. Good times.

So now we've got a little time to rest before we head to the S.D. for our show with the Digable Planets.

Till the next post...
Keep it positive Punky Brewster!

Peter Daily

Saturday, September 13, 2008

S. Lake Tahoe love from Peter Daily

Hello my friends, Peter Daily, who plays keys and drum for me as well as sings and writes his own songs! Check him out at......

I'm sitting in the lobby at "The Block", our hotel in S. Lake Tahoe.
My pal Mike is sitting next to me on a nice pleather couch, hip-hop playing in the background.
We played Whiskey Dicks last night. Was a good show. The show was followed by a nice dinner at Taco Bell. You really can't beat bean burritos at 1 in the morning. :)

So today it's off to Reno to the Tonic Lounge. I'm sure we'll make time to go to Starbucks for a little "pick me upper".

That's it...
Till the next post...

Peace & Love.

Peter Daily

Friday, September 12, 2008

Wanna Share A Hug and A Diet Coke?

Ah yeah! Happy sept. 12 you wonderful people. My crew is on the way to South Lake Tahoe right now. I have to stay behind to handle some business then flying up to meet them. All my Tahoe and Reno people come on out to the shows today. Its always fun. I'll buy you a Diet Coke. I'll give you a hug. We'll talk. I always love coming up North to rock with my fam in Tahoe/ check out the dates below and on my page, bring friends and roll out!

The suns not out yet but I gotta feeling she's just waiting for us to rise. Love ya'll and peace to all my friends who came out to the Marque's Soapbox Sessions a spoken word event in San Diego last night. Propaganda killed it for me...he's a dope artist from the hip hop crew The Tunnel Rats, he usually an mc, but last night he put that down and just spoke words. So dope. Well I'll see you guys tonight in Tahoe and tommorow in Reno! Peace!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Skate Decks and Tree Sleeping Elves

September 9th, 2008. Northridge, California.
Its gonna be a cool day today. I was up early taking care of my girls...they are sleeping like elves now. Elves love sleeping in trees. Why? Well, because the trees are filled with leaves and the rustling of leaves put the elves hearts at ease! I'm serious. Yesterday, Harmony and I let the day run us and today we're gonna run the day. Start early, talk with God (he's absolutely hilarious, totally overlooked comedian, check him out when you get a chance), drink an embarrassing amount of coffee and ZZOOMM! Trying to get in the zone to write songs and Harmo's writing her debut memoir called "Scars and Stiletto's"...pretty dope title, named by writer Ashley Dawson.

I've got new PJ skate decks now. Artwork is done the great Stakcs Malone, who did the Living Legends cover on their latest EP "The Gathering". The decks will be AVAILABLE SOON. We're only doing a limited 500 of them, so stay tuned.

Have you snatched up a new shirt yet?

Ok then, you have a nice day ok? God loves you and so do I. You are a mighty rush wind my young friends!!!!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Things To Come

Today I'm recording as usual and getting geared up for tommorows lil 'private' gig at the Roosevelt hotel. Some MTV/Gibson guitar thing...I'm doing an acoustic set, just two songs with Peter Rocks, Drew and Peter Daily. Should be cool. And the coming weeks looks even brighter. Some SD shows opening for Digable Planets! And a quick run to South Lake Tahoe and Reno with Peter on drums and keys and Mac! Also I think I'll be opening for Digable @ the House Of Blues in Orange County and The El Rey in L.A. On the 18th and 19th! Great month. Thank God for these things coming in......have a good one.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Chili and Toast

In my living room, morning time. Classical on, whimpers heard. Cats walking. Today is a recording one. Working on a new song for my upcoming release "You've Been Left Behind". Harmony's working at Treasures tonight with friends. Treasures is an outreach to women in the sex industry. They've been around for around 5 years now.

Its good to have some open time to record when no one else is around, but man, being married all these years has trained me like a dog. As soon as she leaves, I return to the single and broke years of chili and toast. I don't know how to really cook outside of canned and packaged goods. But I'm content in that. 6th and Alvarado is deep in my bones. Well, hopefully this song turns up out of nowhere....this new record is my favorite so far...lifes too long not to enjoy it.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Yes yes ya'll! Flynn Adam and I are busy in the studio today. Finishing up our "Chimpanzee" song for Gotee Records' "Hip Hope 2009" compilation CD. It will be the bonus song when you buy the full album on iTunes! We are very excited to have this be our first official Rootbeer release. Make sure you guys pick up the full Rootbeer album when it comes out! Also I'm putting an exclusive Pigeon John song on it called "Calculator Watch" produced by Great Jsn. Gonna be way hot. Well have good day and I'll see you later!