Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Skate Decks and Tree Sleeping Elves

September 9th, 2008. Northridge, California.
Its gonna be a cool day today. I was up early taking care of my girls...they are sleeping like elves now. Elves love sleeping in trees. Why? Well, because the trees are filled with leaves and the rustling of leaves put the elves hearts at ease! I'm serious. Yesterday, Harmony and I let the day run us and today we're gonna run the day. Start early, talk with God (he's absolutely hilarious, totally overlooked comedian, check him out when you get a chance), drink an embarrassing amount of coffee and ZZOOMM! Trying to get in the zone to write songs and Harmo's writing her debut memoir called "Scars and Stiletto's"...pretty dope title, named by writer Ashley Dawson.

I've got new PJ skate decks now. Artwork is done the great Stakcs Malone, who did the Living Legends cover on their latest EP "The Gathering". The decks will be AVAILABLE SOON. We're only doing a limited 500 of them, so stay tuned.

Have you snatched up a new shirt yet? PigeonJohn.com

Ok then, you have a nice day ok? God loves you and so do I. You are a mighty rush wind my young friends!!!!


Ben said...

I love your big deck..

Dalton said...

I would be all over that . . . if I skated :(