Thursday, September 4, 2008

Chili and Toast

In my living room, morning time. Classical on, whimpers heard. Cats walking. Today is a recording one. Working on a new song for my upcoming release "You've Been Left Behind". Harmony's working at Treasures tonight with friends. Treasures is an outreach to women in the sex industry. They've been around for around 5 years now.

Its good to have some open time to record when no one else is around, but man, being married all these years has trained me like a dog. As soon as she leaves, I return to the single and broke years of chili and toast. I don't know how to really cook outside of canned and packaged goods. But I'm content in that. 6th and Alvarado is deep in my bones. Well, hopefully this song turns up out of nowhere....this new record is my favorite so far...lifes too long not to enjoy it.


Michael Franson said...

i feel you pigeon, i don't know how to cook much of anything either...

holyhiphopper said...

Good luck with the new songs PJ... Reminds me of that ol 70s song "You've Been Left Behind" when I read the title.. ever hear of it? Man, it was SO popular back in the day.. anyways, God bless and have fun! You always make hits! Don't forget to put some sour cream and cheese in your chili.. makes it extra creamy and good! (just a hint) ;-) ~steph

Matt said...

yo yo. i hear ya man. my girl's been in Indiana for the last 2 weeks and I've been eatin hot dogs and fish sticks. I'm even honest with her about it...why hide? right? Anyways, looking forward to the new album.

God bless,
Matt (representin' Syracuse, NY)

JustMe the Scribbling Idiot said...

Top Ramen and Swansen's pot pies homeboy!

Midnight Prophets Crew said...

Heat and eat!

Thank God for blessing my wife with cooking skills.

DJ Transform

Deanne said...

stay healthy.
come play in asheville, nc!
(we got DANK BBQ here!)

larrydigital said...

Just to be clear, were you eating your canned chili with no shirt, showing your ribs?

I know what you're talking about though. When I was single I was perfectly capable of taking care of myself. Now that I've been married for a minute, I'm totally helpless. The other day it took me an hour to figure out how to turn on a Foreman Grill. :(