Friday, September 12, 2008

Wanna Share A Hug and A Diet Coke?

Ah yeah! Happy sept. 12 you wonderful people. My crew is on the way to South Lake Tahoe right now. I have to stay behind to handle some business then flying up to meet them. All my Tahoe and Reno people come on out to the shows today. Its always fun. I'll buy you a Diet Coke. I'll give you a hug. We'll talk. I always love coming up North to rock with my fam in Tahoe/ check out the dates below and on my page, bring friends and roll out!

The suns not out yet but I gotta feeling she's just waiting for us to rise. Love ya'll and peace to all my friends who came out to the Marque's Soapbox Sessions a spoken word event in San Diego last night. Propaganda killed it for me...he's a dope artist from the hip hop crew The Tunnel Rats, he usually an mc, but last night he put that down and just spoke words. So dope. Well I'll see you guys tonight in Tahoe and tommorow in Reno! Peace!

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