Friday, September 19, 2008

Kids On Drugs!

Working on a new Rootbeer song called "Kids On Drugs" today in Northidge, CA. Flynn Adam's Ford is in the shop today. Had to pick him off of Roscoe to get this thing started. We're having a blast recording this album. It should be coming out March 09. But you can get a peek of Flynn Adam's solo work October 15th. His single "Such a Time As This" comes out on Gotee/Warner. You won't wanna miss it, its a great tune. He also shot a cool video that will be out the same time.

We're doing a PJ show Oct 8th in Hermosa Beach, CA at The Shore. Flynn Adam will be opening. You can hear the song live there, so come on out. Its a beautiful day today and its hard to work. Very distracting, but will get it done. Gotta go drive Flynn to the Ford dealer to pick up his car know....he better remeber this when he get his first Audi....better pick me up!!!!! See you later skater....

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