Saturday, September 13, 2008

S. Lake Tahoe love from Peter Daily

Hello my friends, Peter Daily, who plays keys and drum for me as well as sings and writes his own songs! Check him out at......

I'm sitting in the lobby at "The Block", our hotel in S. Lake Tahoe.
My pal Mike is sitting next to me on a nice pleather couch, hip-hop playing in the background.
We played Whiskey Dicks last night. Was a good show. The show was followed by a nice dinner at Taco Bell. You really can't beat bean burritos at 1 in the morning. :)

So today it's off to Reno to the Tonic Lounge. I'm sure we'll make time to go to Starbucks for a little "pick me upper".

That's it...
Till the next post...

Peace & Love.

Peter Daily

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